Simple Things Entertain Me

January 10th Day In The Life

January 10th Day In The Life

Simple Things Entertain Me – 2018

The last time we went to Khol’s and we picked up a sand glass timer because they are super cool. I’m also reading a book called My Not Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella and it’s a cool quick read. We bought a new scale to weigh our food from Costco and so far I kinda love it. 

Chef Keto Greg – 2017

So, I’m spoiled! I can’t deny it so I will just admit it and embrace it. Greg is cooking all my keto meals for me and he’s even taking the time to research and learn more about it so he can be helpful. When I came home from the office he took the jeep and filled up my gas tank so I would not have to worry about it in the morning. I swear he treats me like a princess.

Weekend Cleaning – 2016

We try to clean out our pellet stove as much as possible so we can get as much heat from it as we can. We took a nice trip through the country to pick up some money that was owed to us. Oh, did I mention that we are going to win the lottery but have no fear because we will take a massive social media trip to celebrate!

I spent most of the evening cleaning. I cleaned the kitchen dishes, Greg cleaned out the pellet stove, we moved the plants around and repotted them. We also cleaned the dining room because that table seems to be a catch-all for everything. Oh and did I mention that trying to vacuum our living room is a chore all on its own. We are still trying to search for the GoPro because somehow Greg lost it.

Diggy Pooh Makes Me Laugh – 2015

I’m working on closing out my mom’s estate and it’s been weighing on my a lot lately. I guess that can explain all the emotions I’ve been going through.

We have a slight problem with digger chilling on the kitchen table. Oh lord…our family is so strange. It took us a few minutes to get him off the table. He saw bananas and didn’t want to leave them. Have you ever seen a Chihuahua with a banana addiction?

Finally Have An Intro – 2014

We got a little ice on the roads this morning but I still made it to the gym for cardio. It was a slow day but I did manage to edit an intro video for my daily channel so I’m pretty excited about that.

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