IIFYM Tips and Ideas

IIFYM Tips and Ideas

1. Have certain foods on hand at all times if you’re left with an excessive amount of one particular macro – egg whites and chicken for protein, cereal, and fruit for carbs, nuts/butter and coconut oil for fats.

2. I try to keep some macros before bed because I hate going to bed hungry. And I adjust my macros with that last meal with the three macros: so I do FF greek yogurt for protein and I add some source of carbs and/or fat depending on what and how much I have left, so it may be fruits, chocolate chips, nuts, cereals… (a flex bowl.) That is my tip for hitting all macros easily now and I don’t pre-plan anymore. (I have been doing iifym for a while though and definitely preplanned in the beginning.) I always make sure I have different types of food for all the macros every week of course.

3. You can eat egg whites raw from the carton if they are pasteurized. Great way to add extra protein to anything.. oats, cereal, protein shake.. or drink them straight.

4. If you need to hit protein and have trouble with fats, full-fat milk in your protein shakes or even with a meal will help you reach it. As long as if fits your macros.

5. Chia seeds have lots of fiber and some protein! I add them to my smoothie. They have no flavor.

6. IIFYM is about flexibility so I don’t see why you would need to eat or drink something that you don’t like in order to fit your macros. Learn the stuff you like to eat in each category of macros and work around that for your meals.

6.  Tip: I always have a few options on hand that are all or almost all one macro and fast and easy to cook. PROTEIN: Egg whites, tuna in water, frozen cooked shrimp.

CARBS: Fruit, veggies, juice, sour patch kids, rice cakes or crunchy rice rollers from Costco, sorbet.

FAT: Coconut oil, butter, olive oil, olives.

As I realize that I need more of one macro or a combination, I can come up with ways to meet my numbers, even if it means cooking egg whites in butter and nothing else (or taking a spoonful of coconut oil straight). I also keep over ripe bananas frozen in pieces in my freezer to add to shakes or to just blend in food processor or high powered blender until soft serve ice cream consistency. Then use it as a base for a flex bowl (I am dairy free) to meet my numbers.

Add ins:protein powder, egg whites (pasteurized liquid), fruit, PB or PB2, cookies,Quest bars, granola, etc.


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