If An Accidental Fall Happens It's Greg's Fault

If An Accidental Fall Happens It's Greg's Fault

If An Accidental Fall Happens It's Greg's Fault

If An Accidental Fall Happens It’s Greg’s Fault. So I’m currently sticking with my plan of only eating food that is in my cooler. The main purpose of this is to make sure that I am planning my meals and sticking to the plan. Greg is also making sure that I’m eating enough fruits. He’s been making it his responsibility to make sure the fruit is packed up and ready to go.

starting a garden from seeds

Also, Greg has been experimenting a lot in the kitchen lately. He tried his hands at stuffed green peppers with a little bit of a twist. Stuffed green peppers were filled with Philly cheesesteak. I think we were both impressed by how well they came out. Especially because he’s never made stuffed green peppers before. I know he has a few more ideas that he wants to play around with it in the coming weeks.

stuffed green peppers

I finally got finished with my first Danielle steel book of the year. There will be a review up soon on my thoughts after this re-read. Going Home is still my favorite book of all time.

So, Greg and I had the brilliant idea to head out to the mountains while we had a wintry mix coming through. Honestly, we planned it out that way because we wanted to go play in the snow. There was a bit more ice on the roads than we expected but Greg has really good Jeep tires.

We did come across a guy who apparently slid off the road into someone’s yard. I didn’t get a video of it but when we were driving past him his passenger side window was completely busted out. That didn’t stop us from continuing on to high rock mountain.

It’s kind of funny that Greg decided to ride up to high rock mountain. Even on a wintry day because he’s always afraid I’m going to fall off the edge of the cliff. So in my crazy mind, I figured he was taking me up to the mountain to try to push me off. Obviously, I watch way too many murder shows on TV.

We were surprised once we got up to the mountain that there was another group of people that drove up and all that ice. It was a father taking his teenage children and their friends to see the view out there.

Greg and I ended the night by watching an old movie that we had for over 10 years without opening. It was a movie called lover boy with Patrick Dempsey in it. I love weekends like this.

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If An Accidental Fall Happens It’s Greg’s Fault


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