I Could Have Killed Him

I Could Have Killed Him

Greg and I were able to visit with the loan officer over the weekend to fill out the forms needed to see about buying a new house. This is a big step that we are taking but very exciting. Greg bought his home before we started dating so this is all new to me.

We decided to fill out the form before the house we want actually come up for sale. The reason we are doing this is to make sure we are ready to make an approved offer when the time comes.

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that we are obsessed with a particular home that is being foreclosed on.

I was able to sit down with my new MacBook and worked on learning how to use iMovie. The editing software is all new to me so there is a bit of a learning curve. I have always worked with Windows computers in the past. It is exciting and fun to learn a new program. I have used iMovie on my iPad in the past but it’s not the same as using it on the computer.

The learning website I use is from Lynda. It’s a cool website with a ton of videos that explain how to do so many different things. It’s all practical knowledge type of stuff. You can also get 30 days of a free trial so you honestly have nothing to lose.

We did hear from the lender this morning and he had a few other things he wanted to go over with us.

It was a busy day but I managed to make it to the gym for my weight training. I found some Jack3d pre-workout that I had left so I had some of that before my workout.

Now, y’all know that I love my husband but I was ready to kill him last night. Don’t let that adorable face fool you.

Greg decided he wanted to talk about all the foods he wanted to eat at that moment. I swear I was going insane dealing with him last night. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who has to deal with this 😉

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