How Quitting Stimulants Can Improve Your Health

How Quitting Stimulants Can Improve Your Health. If you’re a health-conscious person, you already spend a significant amount of your time thinking about your health. Also, ways to further improve your lifestyle, habits, and environment to feel better, live longer and have more energy.

It’s pretty much impossible to deal with every potential threat to your health that’s out there. The world is very big, after all, and our understanding of the complexities of every chemical reaction is limited.

How Quitting Stimulants Can Improve Your Health

With that being the case, one of the best overall health strategies is to focus on the obvious stuff. Addiction is one of the key areas where we can make positive change. What about addiction to something more common and every day? Like caffeine or nicotine?

We tend not to think of legal stimulant addiction as being a serious health issue. But there are some good reasons to consider making the plunge and quitting stimulants.

Here are some ways that quitting stimulants can improve your health.

By improving your sleep

Sleep is essential for good health. Long-term sleep deprivation can lead to everything from perpetual, low-level fatigue and depression, to irreversible brain damage and even death.

Stimulants can have a deeply negative impact on your ability to get to bed at night. Even if you leave a gap of time between taking stimulants and sleep. You may find that the quality of your sleep is disrupted by the changing balance of hormones in your body. It can also be hormone receptor sensitivity.

One of the first benefits that people notice when quitting stimulants, is that they sleep longer and deeper.

By balancing out your energy levels

People use stimulants to boost their energy levels, as we all know. What we may not know is that the effects of stimulants on our energy levels. It can become seriously negative over time.

Stimulants typically work by dramatically affecting our hormone profiles. We tend to experience the increased energy in “bursts”, followed by inevitable crashes later on.

After prolonged stimulant use, people often rely on their morning cup of coffee, or cigarette. This is just to become functional in the morning — nevermind amped up.

Dropping stimulants can help you return to enjoying consistent, balanced energy levels.

By normalising your stress hormone production

Cortisol is the primary “stress hormone” of the body. Along with other hormones like adrenaline — triggers the “fight or flight” response to threats.

Stimulants chronically elevate these stress hormone and put our bodies into a state of “alertness” around the clock. This is a major issue. As elevated stress hormone levels ruin our health — including damaging our brains and making it harder to develop new memories. Calm is the antidote.

Keeping your stress hormone levels under control is fundamental to good health. For many people, quitting stimulants helps with this dramatically.


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