How Holding Myself Accountable Is Going To Change My Life

How Holding Myself Accountable Is Going To Change My Life

How Holding Myself Accountable Is Going To Change My Life. I know that this journey I’m going to take will not be an easy one. Over the last 6 years I’ve moved further away from the person I want to be. Today I’ve made the decision to share my day-to-day life with you on this blog. It’s easy to take the pictures and write a little something on here to have a written account of what is working or what is not working.

So, here we will start with the weight on

. Ok, deep breath and here we go…176.2lbs this morning.

scale weight

Now that we have my starting weight documented we can move on to my morning workout. I did not get a sweat going but I was moving so that’s a good start in my book. The goal, for now, is to get in the habit of doing a morning workout.

early morning workout

Once I got to the office I heated up my breakfast. The picture is not pretty but it was really good. This is egg beaters, salsa, avocado, hot sauce and olive oil added after the food was heated up.

breakfast in a cup

My allergies have been acting up and I feel stuffy and I had a bad taste in my mouth so I chewed on some gum to help with that.


Around 10:30 I was getting hungry again so I had 2 scoops of peanut butter. Yeah, I eat from a tablespoon.

peanut butter

Before heading out for lunch I had a few cucumbers that I mixed up last night. They are coming in from the garden and I have to start eating them before they go bad.

cucumber side dish

I forgot that I was going to meet a friend for lunch. She wanted to go to Panera Bread so I brought my own food along and we ate outside. It was a

outside and it was nice to catch up with her.

Greg made me some canned chicken and I at it on 2 small rice cakes. I finished off the cucumbers I brought to work with me also. I was so proud of myself for not buying lunch and finally taking responsibility for my actions again.

taking my lunch to panera bread

When I got home Greg made some left over homemade stew from the freezer.

homemade stew for dinner

My evening workout was much better than my morning one. I did get a little sweat going on. So, I went light with the weights but I did slow and controlled movements.

I was dancing between sets and enjoying my workout. So, I took my time and was in no rush to finish my workout early. One of the issues I’ve ran into is that I rush to get done. My goal is to work harder at taking my time and putting all my focus into that task at hand.

How Holding Myself Accountable Is Going To Change My Life

I took a screen shot of the stats from my apple watch for the workout I just completed.

evening workout apple watch stats

Here is a screenshot of the actual workout I did. As you can see the weights I lifted were light but I also don’t want to be so sore tomorrow that I don’t do anything.

It will get better with time.

Upper Body Workouyt

Monday upper body workout

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How Holding Myself Accountable Is Going To Change My Life


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