Welcome to 3 Pink Lemons! This is our little place on the internet to share our life journey and teach you what we learn on our path through this life. Our focus is on life to love, live and learn so we can all grow together. I’m far from a perfect human being and have the bruises of life to prove that. 

I don’t claim to have my life together or to have it all figured out but that is where Y’all come in. We can all take the lessons that life teaches us and share it with the community so we can become better people. 

My focus is on making memories and loving the people in my life. It’s a goal of mine to keep positive people and energy around at all times. It’s not about being afraid of life’s hard lessons, it’s about choosing to live life in a positive or negative way. So, let’s walk this road together and share what we learn along the way. 💋🍋