tree on top of the mountain

High Rock Hang Glide Site

We started our day going for a ride and checking out a property in the mountains. Greg and I went out to the graffiti rock at High Rock Hang Glide Site. I swear that I’ve never seen a more beautiful view. There are times when I stress out and heading out to the mountains or to the lake is the best thing for me mentally.

book i'm reading

I’m also reading a new book because I have a goal of cleaning out my book collection. I can finally admit that my book collection is getting out of hand and there is no reason for it. I know I have hoarding tendencies but it’s really becoming an issue.

As we were driving we noticed that all the farmers are out getting things ready for the season. Everything is so green and nature is moving into the new cycle of life.

high rock

I was so glad that Greg decided to take a ride out the the rocks on the mountain. It’s also part of the Appalachian Trail. The views are stunning and it’s such a peaceful area.

rules and restrictions sign

It’s amazing when you look out from the high mountain tops and take in the scene around you. It makes whatever problems you are going through seem so small and insignificant. There is a big world out there and nobody really cares about your minor issues. There are so many other things to invest your thoughts in.

tree on top of the mountain

I’m not even sure how to express how I feel right now. I love nature and when I have quite time to really take in bigger things that what is happening in my small little world.

view from the top of the mountain

It was a difficult week so it was nice to take the drive and enjoy mother nature. The weather was not the best today but when you are up there looking out at the world you don’t even think about it.


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