Game is Over and Back to Work

Game is Over and Back to Work

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Game is Over and Back to Work. My vacation time is over, and it’s time to get back to everyday life. I’m starting my new workout plan with Jerry Ward from BioS3. He has a lot of videos on YouTube, and you can check out his website for pricing if you’re interested. I’ve worked with Jerry often on for almost ten years. He is the only one that was able to get me a stage-ready twice.

Starting a new workout regimen

I’m going to have an insane workload coming back from vacation this week. It’s always good to take a break, but it’s not always great to go back to the things that happened while you were out.

Favorite healthy breakfast

I’m going to do my best to track and share my weight loss journey here and via my YouTube channel. So, if you’re not already subscribed to my channel head over there and subscribe! Click that notification bell while you’re at it. I’m doing my best to explain what I’m eating and what the macros are. You can always adjust everything to meet the macros that have been set for you.

MyFitnessPal macro check

Greg has been spending a lot of time outside trying to take care of the hedges that run across part of our property. It’s so much work and he hast to do it every year. We’ve tried to hire some landscapers but it’s really hard to find people that are willing to work. Sometimes I really don’t understand it but we make sure that we get it done. If he’s out there by himself I try to take him water and make sure he’s hydrated.

Cutting headges

So I’ve been sticking with the plan and doing my fasted cardio, weight training and eating my meals on plan. I was considering going back to doing videos on Wednesday about fitness. I think it would be a good thing to do a weekly check in and talk about some fitness related topics.

Fitness chat Dawn Rambles

Chatting with y’all makes this journey so much better because I feel like you’re coming along with me. I am trying to be as creative with my meals as possible because I hope to give y’all some ideas as well. So make sure you’re following me for all the updates along this journey.

The food may not always look pretty but I try to be as creative as I can be while still hitting my macros.

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Game is Over and Back to Work


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