Flea Market, Storms and Gym Time

Flea Market, Storms and Gym Time

Flea Market, Storms and Gym Time.

Greg mentioned going to the flea market this morning to look around Each time we’ve gone to Morningstar Flea Market we have been a little rushed. He was wanting to take time to look around and see all the things.

It was my choice to take his jeep but I had a little trouble trying to jump in this morning because he parked on a hill. Lol

The drive was nice but we could see storms coming in the direction of the flea market. We were lucky to get there when we did so we could check out a few areas we have never walked through before.

You can tell that tomatoes are plentiful this year. Last year the cost for tomatoes anywhere in the area were rediculous. We have lots of tomatoes this year but I will admit that the ones we saw did look pretty good.

While we were at the market we came across a new landscaping idea. There is a living wall or fence that we can add and it’s also an apple tree. I love something that is multi-purpose. It would be nice to have a living fence and have it produce food at the same time. We are going to look into them further and see if they would work in our yard.

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Flea Market, Storms and Gym Time


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