Five Ways Money Problems Can Ruin Your Relationship

Five Ways Money Problems Can Ruin Your Relationship

When dealing with financial troubles, it is not only our bank account balance and credit file that are affected. On a personal level, we might suffer health consequences of stress, and we will be less focused on work. If you’re in a relationship, make sure that your financial insecurities are not changing your attitude towards your partner. Find out below what to look out for.

Keeping Secrets

When you are dealing with debt, in an early stage of your relationship, keep your partner out of it. This leads to secrets and holding back, which will cause friction. If you are not comfortable confiding in your partner, or feel ashamed about your financial situation, tell them that you are dealing with personal issues. This has nothing to do with your relationship, or they will start thinking that you have cold feet.

Being Stressed

Five Ways Money Problems Can Ruin Your Relationship

When we are trying to live on a tight budget and pay off our debt, worrying about the next bill that arrives, we cannot fully focus on another person . When you are stressed, you will become more irritable, and your partner might leave you, if this carries on. Always try to deal with your issues and try stress reduction techniques.

Anxiety Attacks

If you constantly worry about money, you may develop anxiety, and this will have a huge impact on your love life. You will become more withdrawn and less interested in other people. If you develop social anxiety, you will not feel like going out or meeting your friends, let alone your partner.

Fewer Dates

When you constantly think about your money problems, you will not be focused on your partner’s needs. You cannot afford to take them out to a restaurant, and feel ashamed for not calling, therefore, you start avoiding them. Fewer dates can result in growing apart, and the relationship ending. You need to make sure that you are honest and seek professional help when you feel lost.

Blaming Your Partner

It is recommended that you keep your finances separate before you seriously commit to each other. However, if your partner doesn’t know about your problems, they cannot help. In some cases, the best way of getting out of credit card debt is taking out loans with guarantor to consolidate existing debt. If you don’t ask for help and need it, you might blame your partner for not offering support, even if they are unaware of your situation.

Whether you have just started dating, or have been together for a long time, you will need to make sure that your financial problems don’t affect your relationship. Be honest and don’t reflect your anxiety and negative emotions on your partners. If you trust them enough, confide in them and ask for help and advice. This way you show respect and trust and tell them that your negativity has nothing to do with your relationship.


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