talking in my car

Extra Long Trip Home

Digger does not trust me

I tried to love on Digger this morning but he really just wanted to be left alone. I came home from the gym in such a good mood and I was singing to Digger. He usually loves my singing but sleep was more important this morning. He was excited to see me at first but he changed attitude quickly. The mood swings of a chihuahua.

talking in my car

I talked with my girlfriend who I’m doing the 5k with and we have everything planned out. We are doing the 5k Color Run and I’ve heard a lot of good things about this race. So, I think it will be a fun experience for us both.

that keyboard life

I did not get a lot of footage today because watching me type on a keyboard would be pretty boring don’t ya think?

Extra Long Trip Home

I went to the gym for cardio to help prepare a little better for the race this weekend. We are really just doing this race for fun but I don’t want to embarrass myself while we are there.

We got some minor news about the house we are interested in buying. There is no major movement but we know what realtor will have the house once it goes back on the market. I can’t wait to move along with this process.

finally made it home

Trying to get home from the office was awful. Every single way I tried to go was blocked for one reason or another. My luck was not the worst but it also wasn’t the best either.

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