Doctor Visit, Salon and 20 Year Anniversary with My Man

Doctor Visit, Salon and 20 Year Anniversary with My Man

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Doctor Visit, Salon and 20 Year Anniversary with My Man. October was terribly busy and now we are halfway through November. I’m not even sure where the time is going. We started my week out with a visit to my doctor. I love seeing him because he is honestly like a part of our family.

We have gone to him for over a decade now and all the girls in the office have also been with him from the beginning. Greg and I were one of his first patients when he got started with his practice.

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There was not a problem this time I just needed to get some paperwork filled out and now everything is fine. I’ve also decided to start a new (to me) book from Two Nights by Kathy Reichs. What book are you currently reading?

Doctor visit

On Saturday it was a salon day. I plan my entire day around going to the salon for my hair. The girl who does my hair is an hour and a half away from me but it’s ok. I get to see her around 4 times a year so it’s ok.

Sometimes I get there a little early so I decided to pull out my tarot cards and ask a few questions. Greg and I noticed that a neighbor had a moving sign up so I asked about that situation.

The deck I was using was the Urban Tarot and I love this deck so much. I use it a lot. The one thing I’ve learned this year is that you won’t learn and grow if you don’t ask the questions and watch the outcome.

Urban tarot reading

Well, Greg and I have another year in the books and have hit the 20-year anniversary mark. We went out for lunch of his choice. He really likes this Chinese all you can eat Buffett so that’s what we did. It was a nice day I love it when we just put everything to the side and enjoy each other’s company.

20 Year Anniversary with My Man

It’s easy to get in the daily grind and lose yourself. Be mindful of that.

Doctor Visit, Salon and 20 Year Anniversary with My Man

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