Our Roots Are Deep

December 19th Day In The Life

December 19th Day In The Life

Our Roots Are Deep – 2016

December 19th Day In The Life. Our grandson had his birthday party at the roller rink and it was so funny to watch the kids out there on the floor.

We got out first Carolina Reaper ever so it was a pretty exciting day. The roots got too large for the pot that we had the plant in. So, we had to do cleanup after the mess Greg made in the dining room from making it his personal greenhouse. 

Favorite Christmas Song – 2015

It looks like we will be heading to the liquor store over the weekend. So, Greg and I are also going to work on putting together a Christmas music playlist. 

School Books and Holiday Party – 2013

So, I picked up the books I will need for school. I purchase new books because I’m stuck up and need new books. I know it’s crazy but I will get my money back at the end of the semester. 

December 19th Day In The Life

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