Sexy Frog or Ugly Rat

December 17th Day In The Life

December 17th Day In The Life

Sexy Frog or Ugly Rat? – 2015

We took a detour around town and did our usual shopping. The girl at Snyder’s thought I worked there because apparently we shop there a lot. Nothing special but we did stop to look for fishing things for Greg. 

I forgot to eat breakfast so I bought a bag of hot fried because that’s healthy for sure. Greg recently turned me on to pizza with pineapple and it’s actually really good (never thought I would have said that).

Oil In My Hair – 2014

Tomorrow if our office party and it’s something they do during the day with music and food. Nothing special but that’s because people don’t know how to act right. 

When I went to leave the office there was oil that dropped down from the top of the door and it got in my hair. At first, I thought it was water but when I got home Greg told me it was oil. We did our best to get the oil out with a bottle or beer. 

How do you tell how many days are in each month? Do you do the knuckle thing? Please tell me I’m not the only one. 

Doctors Appointment – 2013

I went to the doctors office and they gave me cream to use for the dry skin. I also stopped at the Chevy dealer so they could fix the issue with my tire light coming on for no reason. For the holiday week my company asked us to wear white so I did my best. By the time I left the office is started to snow. It was not much snow but I still had to record it. 

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