Cutting Sugar Out Of Your Diet – For Good

Cutting Sugar Out Of Your Diet - For Good

There are many things that are in our diets which we know we should probably do away with. Some are easier than others to get rid of. One which a lot of people struggle with in particular is sugar. Sugar is in so many foods and drinks and it is hard to get rid of completely. With the right kind of focus, and attitude, you should be able to cut out as much sugar as you like. Plus have a healthy and fulfilling diet day after day. In this article, we are will take a look at some top tips for cutting sugar out of your diet.

Regular Eating Is Key

If you are thinking of trying to give up sugar, then you will find it is necessary to carry on eating as regularly as you can for as long as you can, especially in the beginning. The reason for this is simple and clear. If you do not eat regularly, your blood sugar will drop, and you might well find yourself reaching for the sugar sooner than you think – especially if you have a habit or addiction around the sweet stuff. Instead, focus on eating a number of smaller meals throughout the day, thereby keeping your blood sugar levels up and making it far less likely that you will relapse. If you are worried about putting on weight during this time, just focus on small snacks – ideally fruit and veg mostly, if not entirely. Either way, be sure to eat regularly.

Drink Water

Drinking water is vital for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is that if you are drinking water regularly, you will be less likely to feel hungry, as often lacking water makes you feel hunger when really it is not. So if you drink water regularly, you won’t have to worry about overeating, or eating too much sugar. Some people find it actually difficult to drink enough water, partly because they might not enjoy the taste enough to drink it that regularly. If that is you, consider drinking water flavored with some kind of fruit (so long as it contains no sugar, of course). If you drink lime flavored water you will be able to get a taste hit and quench your thirst without having any excess sugar in your diet.

Use Sugar-Free Substitutes

It seems obvious, but it is worth recounting. Keep the sugar out of your diet, it might be worth trying to use sugar-free substitutes instead. With these substitutes in your diet, you will be able to enjoy sweetness without consuming sugar. This is useful if you are keeping the addiction at bay. Bear in mind that the other side effects of sweeteners may not be quite as desirable as you might think. Sweeteners are not healthy. So, try to avoid these as far as you can if you are serious about maintaining your overall health.

Eat Whole Foods

Whole food is something which is not processed. So, a fruit or vegetable, or meat as it is cut. The reason whole foods are so beneficial is that if something is processed, it is more likely to have added sugar. If you can avoid processed foods, you will find that you are taking in much less sugar. So, you will also be generally healthier. Notice a great many changes within yourself which will encourage you to keep going with your new diet for good. For that reason alone it is a good idea to eat all the whole foods you can.

Make Use Of Spices

If you do not use spices in your meal, you may want to start to naturally sweeten your meals. It’s a great way to get the sweetness you crave without resorting to sugar. So, it will also help to naturally boost the flavor of your meals too. You will be encouraged to eat more homemade food, and that will help you to keep on track as well with what you are attempting to do. Consider this if you are starting to find your meals bland.


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