Cuddling with Baby Goats

Cuddling with Baby Goats

Cuddling with Baby Goats

Greg and I went to a local family farm to play with the goats. We found a place on Facebook that mentioned they offer time slots to cuddle with the baby goats. I figured Greg was all for it because he would love to talk me into moving to a larger piece of property. Goats are his ticket out of here ;).

baby goats

I loved that they gave us our own time slot so there is nobody else in there except for us. I had all the goats to myself. We got there a little early to fill out the needed paperwork.

they all want attention

We were scheduled for a 30 minute time slot. I didn’t know this in advance but we were able to feed the baby goats while we were there. It was a neat experience. The goat that Greg was feeding tried to take my goats bottle when it was finished. Greedy little suckers.

bottle feeding the baby

They were all wanting some love and a few I forced cuddles on. They remind me of Digger in a way but they are nicer to me. Digger can get a little cranky when he wants to be left alone.

animal love

You should look for a goat yoga place near you. Plans will be made in the future to go back because the price was more than fair. All the money goes back to the goats to help feed and take care of them. Next, I think I will try goat yoga. I know they have a place in Gettysburg that offers goat yoga.

I know that being around animals can lower my stress levels. One of the goals I have this year is to get my health in check and this many need to become something we do on the regular.

Cuddling with Baby Goats

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