Black Clouds Following Me

Black Clouds Following Me

Greg and I watched Intervention before it was time for me to head out for the day. The weather was nasty so I try to leave a few extra minutes early. It helps me not rush and I would rather be at the office early than to be late. We get penalized for being late and I don’t want to sit around the office and not get paid because I was a minute late. Yeah, my company does that.

This is one reason I carry my laptop with me so I can edit before my day begins.

It was like the black clouds followed me all the way to work this morning. The rain was the heaviest at the edges of the storm (if that makes sense). it’s hard to explain but I was in the heavy rain most of the way into the office this morning.

I keep a countdown clock on my desk so I can count the hours and minutes before it’s time for me to leave. It can be depressing to look at sometimes. I try to cheer up the picture with a pig wearing sunglasses. He’s super cute.

It felt so good once I was free from the office. I went home and Digger was at the garage door to greet me. I love seeing his happy little face after a long day.

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