Bellevue Square Book Review

Bellevue Square Book Review

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Bellevue Square Book Review

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Bellevue Square Book Review. Ok, let’s get into this book review. I was looking for a book with a little fear or scare factor because it’s Fall and I’m all about scary books right now. So, I picked up this book on the suggestion from a co-worker. I read the cover of the book and figured it was a book worth giving a try.

It took me a little while to get past the first 20 pages and I almost placed it in the DNF pile. Something tugged at me to give it more of a try and I was glad I did. By the time I was 100 pages in I was hooked and really loving the book.

The character list is easy to follow so I did appreciate that. The storyline was easy to follow in the beginning but it became more confusing as time went on. I feel like that is exactly what the writer wanted to accomplish with this book. The book left me with a WTF moment to where you are not sure if you really love or hate this book.

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Bellevue Square Book Review


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