September 11th Day In The Life

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September 10th Day In The Life

So Many Excuses – 2015 I went into the office for 2 hours to make up some hours because of the holiday. Greg and I did some shopping at WalMart and he said you should not trust the sheep because the pillows don’t work like they should. We bought a blind for the window in […]

September 9th Day In The Life

Where are all the Ray Rice Supporters – 2014 September 9th Day In The Life It’s going to be a busy day with the new Apple announcement. I will see how busy we will be over the next few weeks. The Zumba teacher who quit provided all her students with a CD to remember her […]

September 8th Day In The Life

He Likes It – 2014 September 8th Day In The Life. We have a family member in the hospital and I’m was hit with the flu bug. I rambled a bit at the start of my vlog but that’s what I do. We need your prayers and good thoughts because we have a lot going […]

September 7th Day In The Life

Wine Storage – 2015 September 7th Day In The Life. We went on another Craig’s List adventure. There was a nice wine cabinet that we were able to pick up on South Mountain. The views were spectacular. Greg and I also picked up some corn and did some cooking out on the charcoal grill.  Please […]

September 6th Day In The Life

Curio Cabinet Adventure – 2015 I started my day before 6 am and packed up my cooler for a day at the office. I eve saw a groundhog on my drive.  I’ve been working on taking real breaks during that day and walking through the parking lot. Greg put a baby gate on hinges so […]

September 5th Day In The Life

Dark Skies and New Windows – 2016 September 5th Day In The Life. I’ve got a lot going on and I’m hoping that things will settle down in a month or so. Greg and I are getting new windows for a total of 8 windows. It will only cover some of the ones we need […]

September 4th Day In The Life

#ProjectGettingItBack – 2017 Happy Labor Day! It’s day number 2 of prep and my weight is currently at 154.8. Greg and I also picked up a bookshelf we found on the Facebook marketplace. It was a great find.  I’m working out and we will call it #ProjectGettingItBack because that’s what we are trying to do. […]

How To Drink A Gallon Of Water

Let’s talk about water and how I manage to get a gallon of water per day. I was not always a water drinker. When I was in high school I was hospitalized several times for dehydration. I’ve been there and it sucks. It is possible to drink a gallon a day with some small changes […]

September 3rd Day In The Life

Greg Is Going To End Up In Jail – 2017 September 3rd Day In The Life I’m starting an 8-week prep and my official weigh in this morning was 154.8. I made my favorite breakfast this morning and it’s just protein (pick the one you want), salsa, avocado and hot sauce. It’s the best thing […]

September 2nd Day In The Life

A Touch of Color – 2014 September 2nd Day In The Life Started my day off at work early before heading out to the salon to get my hair done. It was time to get something done to the craziness that is on top of my head. I go to my stylist and I never […]

September 1st Day In The Life

September 1st Day In The Life

2014 – Stay Cation September 1st Day In The Life: Well, today is the start to my staycation and all we did was veg in front of the tv all day. I could not ask for a better way to start my vacation off. We had a call from a charity place that picks up […]