I Think We Killed The Pineapple

August 31st Day In The Life

I Think We Killed The Pineapple – 2015

August 31st Day In The Life

August 31st Day In The Life. We killed the pineapple plant. We tried our best but maybe we should have picked it before now. It’s just so heavy and won’t stay up. There is a really cool Dollar General store near us that we just found. They have lots of decorating items out for the Fall. 

Greg bought some new yard tools to take care of the bushes. He’s also been working on painting the doors around the house. We could buy some new doors but I really love all the doors on the house now. 

Gains and Losses – 2014

August 31st Day In The Life. Greg has been hard at work trying to make Digger steps for the bedroom. All the pet steps we’ve purchased in the past are junk. We decided to take on the challenge and make them for Digger.

Today was weigh-in day and Greg is down almost 10lbs from the start of the weight loss challenge. I’m planning on making some of my favorite broccoli.

The steps are done and Digger is using them to go up and down. I think this will work out well for him.

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