8 Weeks Until WHAT?!?!!!

August 30th Day In The Life

8 Weeks Until WHAT?!?!!! – 2017

August 30th Day In The Life

August 30th Day In The Life. Greg has been hard at work trying to make Digger steps for the bedroom. All the pet steps we’ve purchased in the past are junk. We decided to take on the challenge and make them for Digger.

Today was weigh-in day and Greg is down almost 10lbs from the start of the weight loss challenge. 

The steps are done and Digger is using them to go up and down. I think this will work out well for him.

Forcing Myself to do Fasted Cardio – 2015

I will have a Bath and Body Works haul up soon. My drive home from work is depressing because it’s getting dark earlier and it’s just sad to come home when the sun is coming down.

I’m doing fasted cardio and I share one for the frozen breakfasts that I love to have. I like to add salsa and avocado to it sometimes to add a little extra umph to it.

We are still doing work to clean up the yard so we made a trip to the dump to get rid of a bunch of weeks and ivy we collected through the yard.

Breakfast Is Important – 2013

Greg is a firm believer in eating breakfast so he picked up some frozen ones for me to try. Make sure y’all eat breakfast for your health 🙂

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