Weekend Housework

August 28th Day In The Life

August 28th Day In The Life

Weekend Housework – 2016

August 28th Day In The Life. Do you know what happens on Saturday? Yup, it’s time to clean and one of the main goals was to pick out clothes to give to charity. Hang with me today while I clean and get the house looking all pretty.

Driving Through Towne with Greg and a Haul – 2015

Greg is doing a great job of getting a video to add daily. he took your around towne with him this afternoon. He even did a grocery shopping haul from Hanover foods.

Greg The Builder – 2014

The man has been working hard in the shed working on Digger’s steps. He tried to explain the process as he was working through it all. The sound is not the best but we tried.

Welcome Me To Youtube – 2012

August 28th Day In The Life. This is my first video on YouTube so let’s see where this channel will take me.

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