Car Chats

August 26th Day In The Life

August 26th Day In The Life

Car Chats – 2015

August 26th Day In The Life. Let’s drive to work together and chat about whatever is on our minds. The pineapple plant is looking sad so I think we will have to let it go soon.

August 26th Day In The Life

Pearls Make You Feel Pretty – 2014

My office likes to push us to dress nice at least once a week to build confidence and all that jazz. The guys have a day when they wear ties to the office. The new thing is to have the woman wear pearls and I have to admit that they do make you feel beautiful.

Giving My Body Time To Recover – 2013

I decided to not compete in November. It was a plan that I thought I would want to follow through with this year but I think one show was enough. This is the time I can build muscle and we will see what happens and go from there.

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