Always by Sarah Joi Book Review

Always by Sarah Jio Book Review

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Always by Sarah Jio Book Review

Always by Sarah Jio Book Review. I’m back with another book review. This time I decided to read Always by Sarah Joi. It’s the first book of hers that I have read. I loved the cover and the description also grabbed my attention. I did have some mixed feelings about the book once I finished it. I’ve come to terms with my own personal feeling and I can honestly say that I really did enjoy the book.

The book did frustrate me but that is because of my own personal life circumstances. It really got my thinking about my past and I was all in my feelings. In my opinion that is what a good book should do. Am I right?!

I keep my notes in my phone so I can go over my feelings, anything important that pops up and a sentence about each chapter. It’s a cool way to summarize the chapter or my feelings as I’m reading.

My feeling on the book Always

So, the book starts with Kailey and Ryan who are engaged to get married. They go out to dinner one night and as they are leaving the restaurant Kailey sees a homeless man who she believes is her ex-boyfriend.

Kailey then has flashback of the past and they book takes us along that journey. Following her through the scattered memories of the past to help her understand the present. The story jumps from past to present but it’s easy to follow. The chapters move from present day to past.

She is conflicted between the two men in her life and what her heart is telling her to do. There is a mystery about what happened to her ex Cade. Kailey works are to uncover the secrets from her past.

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I would suggest giving this book a read. This is an author that I will read more books from when they come my way. Very nice story. Let me know if you have read this book and tell me your thought on it.

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Always by Sarah Jio Book Review


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