Accountability In Life And Fitness

Accountability In Life And Fitness

Accountability In Life And Fitness. So, we are still doing this work from home thing. I’m adjusting to it well and starting to really find my groove. This was also the week of Spring Break so that means we did not work a full week and I ended up with an extended weekend.

Greg and I are making the best of our current situation. He keeps himself as busy as he can during the day by working in his shop and handling his to-do list.

One of my new goals is to actually follow through on the things I say that I’m going to do. I have a nasty habit of not completing projects once I start them. Making to-do lists will be helpful and I have a few ideas on what to do to keep my social media accounts updated.

I’m working on managing my weight and trying to eat at scheduled times during the day. It works well for me. I try to eat 5 times a day and every few hours. My goal is to go back to work with a decent weight loss. What are you doing to stay active during the shut-down?

Greg and I walked through the yard to check out the orchard. The trees are all blooming so hopefully it’s not too soon. We worry about the weather because we can’t get freeze or that may stop our growth for the year.

On Friday Greg and I went to Walmart and I went on a bit of a rant about COVID-19 and people who are wearing masks. Hey, if it makes you feel good go for it but I honestly feel like it just increases anxiety. It can also make people have OCD to a level that can cause them severe problems. Stress can also cause fatigue. What are your thoughts on it? I would really like to know.

I was feeling pretty good this week and was playing music and dancing around like I kid again. My philosophy for the rest of the month is to dance like someone is watching and had money to throw your way ;). It’s also a good way to make you feel more confidant.

I asked if anyone on Facebook would want to workout with me via video chat and I found someone that I could count on. It’s been fun and we take turns bringing the workouts each day. It’s been great and she is a wonderful accountability partner. How are you staying active during this time?

Accountability In Life And Fitness

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