A Beautiful Day to Play Outdoors

A Beautiful Day to Play Outdoors

A Beautiful Day to Play Outdoors

A Beautiful Day to Play Outdoors. Greg and I decided to head out to the mountains for the day because it was gonna be beautiful outside. That’s the thing about getting snow in Maryland it’s beautiful and usually within a few days if it feels like summertime. So many people were out hiking today.

On the way out the door I wanted to show you guys her sticker collection that is on Greg’s locker. We’ve gotten a few stickers in the mail from companies and also from viewers and we appreciate that greatly.

Something extraordinary that Greg and I have noticed over the last year or so. Most of the homes that we drive past our small farms or Farmettes. There are more animals on the farm so we’ve ever seen before. It’s a very telling sign and beautiful to see. It’s good to see more animal life out there I think it’s healthy for the soul. In my opinion, we need less annoying people and more animals.

While we were out we stopped at a Dollar Tree to see what items they had in the store and I found tuna with rice in beans in hot sauce. You know I had to give that a try. I was also looking for a wine glass that Greg broke a few months ago but I didn’t have any luck.

The wineglass fits perfectly in both of our hands and we only had two of them. Somehow he managed to break one and then I broke the last one. Don’t you hate when you find a perfect item and then we can never find it again?

Greg and I had lunch and got some pizza fries and they were delicious. After we ate we headed out to the mountains and to the lake. It was a great day and there were so many people out enjoying the weather.

At night we relaxed and I got more reading in to help me reach my 2020 Year of Danielle Steel goal.

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A Beautiful Day to Play Outdoors


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