3 Diets in One

3 Diets in One

3 Diets in One

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3 Diets in One. I have been on diets before and there are so many different ways to find what works for you. When I started my first figure competition we started off slow. So, I made slow changes to my diet and then added a cardio and weight training routine.

I went from a “balanced” diet of carbs, fats, and protein. So, I made some healthy food swaps but was not even close to a competition diet like the one I was placed on. It takes time and determination to see that change that you are longing for.

diet and gym

My trainer had me provide him with the current diet I was on and we made gradual changes from that. So, he first had me remove all dairy products so that was an easy step for me to make.

Looking back at it I was really doing a keto, intermittent fasting and elimination diet all at the same time. It worked like nothing I could have ever imagined and it happened fast.

My diet was cut down to just a handful (maybe more) of different types of food I could have. We cut the carbs very low (under 25g). So, my last meal was no later than 4pm and I would not eat again until 8:30 or 9am the next day.

diet it everything

Just know that it can be done. Check with your doctor and do what is best for you and your body.

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3 Diets in One


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